Customer Care

Riya is a cosmetic line that came about with the idea that our daily cosmetics should be as close to natural as possible. In a time where there is so much out there that is petroleum based and full of synthetic fragrances, Riya will be that everyday product that is pure, natural, and is made with love and thoughtfulness.

For any inquiries please see our contact page.

Privacy & Safety

Here at Riya I respect your privacy. If you sign up for my mailing list you will only receive emails from us for promotional items and sales from Riya. Your email stays with me and will never be sold to anyone else. If you want to stop receiving emails from me at anytime about our promotions and sales just email STOP to mana@riya.store and you will promptly be taken off the mailing list. The only other reasons you will receive emails from me is to receive a receipt after a purchase or if I am answering a question you have sent me.

Rest assure that when you check out using your debit or credit card that these payments are processed through a third party, not me directly, using a secure page.

Wholesale Inquiries

  • For wholesale inquiries please call or email us.
  • T: 504-313-4461
  • email: mana@riya.store

Note: As of now we are only able to do wholesale agreements within the United States.

Payment Methods

  • Credit / Debit Cards
  • Offline Payments