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Hello, and welcome to RiIYA. RIYA is an all natural skincare line that came into being because the formulator, K. Manaa, that is me, had problem skin. Problem skin meaning acne. I had acne starting in my early teens that lasted in to my early thirties. In those fifteen years I tried just about everything, except Acutane, which for me was not even an option. The truth is everything I tried either had salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, both of these ingredients dried out my skin causing my breakouts to become worse. To make matters even worse I was thirty with acne and now trying to fight off early signs of aging. Frustrated is a nice way to describe how I felt. For a while I gave up, until I saw a glimmer of hope. That glimmer came in the form of carrier oils. Then soon after more hope in the form of essential oils. These two glimmers hope took me down a wonderful road and now I am a level two certified Aromatherapist. I come from a laboratory background, which I love because it is science based, and to my happy surprise aromatherapy is too. A science that when used properly is gentle and effective. From this discovery I found my passion. Know this, every product that RIYA sells I have used on myself first. I do this for two reasons. One I have the perfect skin to test product. My skin is sensitive and I have large pores. So if it gives me any issues or doesn't help, that product will not go to market. Two I am particular about what goes on my skin. If I don't feel comfortable applying it to my own skin I am not going to sell it for anyone to use on their skin. I will never stop striving, researching, and formulating products that have the best all natural ingredients and are gentle and effective. So remember when you look at RIYA products don't hesitate to try them. You can always return them if they are not the right fit for your skin. Check out our return policy and the FAQ page on RIYA site to find out why we give you 45 days. I love formulating, I love the RIYA product line, and I would love for you to try these products so you can see what RIYA can do for your skin gently and effectively.

With Love,

K. Manaa


phone- m504-313-4461


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