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Riya's Organic Skin Care Collection

Handmade Natural Elegance

Discover Riya's Handcrafted Skincare Wonders

Ryias products reflect a commitment to natural beauty, shaped by hands that value authenticity, being both veteran and woman-owned.

Nourishing Body Butters

From our deeply hydrating Body Butter to the specialized Tummy Butter for expectant mothers, every blend celebrates nature's bounties and a woman's touch. Dive into holistic care, perfect for every curve and contour of your body.

Face & Lip Delights

Illuminate your natural beauty with our Radiant Face Butter and protect those smiles with our moisturizing Lip Butter. Every application resonates with the dedication of our handmade process, ensuring certified, organic bliss.

For Those Extra Special Touches

Our Helpful Hand Butter pampers hands that do so much, while all our products cherish the handcrafted precision of a proud veteran and woman-owned brand. Dive into a world where natural ingredients meet passionate craftsmanship.


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