Frequently asked questions

Do the products have added pigment to give them color?

No, not at all. All of the products have color that are naturually ocurring from the ingredients themselves. This is because we use unrefined ingredients.

Why do you use unrefined ingredients?

We use unrefined ingredients to give you the most nutrients for your skin. The refining process can strip the oils and butters of their nutrients.

Why do you only ship Monday through Wednesday?

1. We only ship Monday through Wednesday to make sure your lovely cosmetics get to you in a timely fashion. 2. No cosmetic should be exposed to extreme temperatures for lengthy periods of time.

Why is the return policy forty five days?

The return policy is forty five days because it takes roughly twenty eight days for your skin cells to turn over. Twenty eight days is an apporiximate time, some peoples skin may turn over quicker while others may take a little longer. So in about twenty eight days, give or take a little, you should see some difference in your skin.