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The story of Riya

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RIYA skincare was born out of a passion and need to create safer skincare products. I spent years using harsh ineffective chemicals on my skin only to have it work for maybe a week and then they would make my acne problems worse. It bothers me to this day that the belief for skincare to be effective is that it has to have harsh Ingredients in the products. This is far from true. Skincare should be gentle and with RIYA products they are gentle and effective. I am constantly educating myself to bring you better, safer products. So you can rest easy knowing that when you buy a RIYA product it is an all natural pure product that is tested on me first before it is ever sent out to market. If you have any questions about RIYA products please e-mail me at I am here to help you on your skincare journey.  


P.S. If you subscribe to our mailing list I will send you a link so you can check the safety of your current skincare ingredients along with some helpful tips. 

Best wishes,

Kristen Manaa

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