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Our Story

   The journey all started because of my beautiful children.  I wanted to incorporate essential oils into our lives, but thought we might want to do some more research first. So I did, and oh my there was so much more. Chemical families, chemical components, carriers, safety, proper dilutions, purity, and much more. Next, I enrolled into an aromatherapy certification program to learn how to use the essential oils safely and effectively. During my enrollment I started blending oils and butters and learned that these carriers alone had skin nourishing properties.

    Now I love science, so much so, that I earned a Bachelor's in science. When I discovered that Aromatherapy was science based and I could be creative at the same time, I fell in love. Then I decided to take a leap of faith and open a business doing what I love.

    When you buy a product from us, rest assured I have done the research to make sure you get the absolute purest ingredients that have been obtained in the most ethical ways.


Many thanks for every purchase, because with out them, I wouldn’t be able to do what I love.


K. Manaa

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